So Long, Farewell

“Blog Reflection”


Throughout this semester, we were required to post to a blog our thoughts and opinions on the subject matters we chose. As you can see, I chose to focus my blog on dance and children. Because there is so much involved in the world of dance, I decided to focus on the things that interest me the most. Coming from a dance studio that strongly emphasizes the importance of ballet training, ballet has become a huge part of my life.

My first blog discussed the Grand Rapids Ballet Company’s Nutcracker performance. Since I was a child, I have religiously attended a Nutcracker ballet during the holiday season. I, actually, was often casted in it, but for the past few years, I have discovered the joy of watching the beautiful piece rather than performing in it. Later, I focused a different blog on pointe shoes. This blog was an informative article letting parents know when it is and isn’t okay for their daughters to get pointe shoes and why. So many parents enter the dance world without truly knowing how it works. They are often told that this is the way things are without getting a full explanation for the reasoning behind certain actions. I hope that this blog was able to give parents a better understanding about of qualifications their dancer must meet to receive their pointe shoes.

My third blog post focused on the top ten YouTube dancers of 2010. I can openly admit that I am a YouTube fanatic and often watch it for inspiration for my choreography. Over the years, there have been certain dancers that have just amazed me with their technique and ability, and I wanted to share their gifts with the online community. Hopefully this blog will help these dancers to get the recognition their hard works deserves.

While I did not abhor the blogging experience, it is not something I see myself partaking in, in the future. While it was nice to get my opinions and knowledge on certain subjects out to the world, I had a very hard time updating my blog on a regular basis. With my current schedule, I have very little free time in my life, and I often have a hard time writing when I’m in a rush. This strain often caused me to be stressed. So instead of relieving me of some of my pent up stress and aggression like I had hoped, bloggin seemed to add to it.


~ by camccain on December 15, 2010.

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