Top 10 YouTube Dancers of 2010

Because of the creation of YouTube, it is now possible to see routines from every dancer around the world. You can witness amazing dances from Canada, Japan, Spain, Austrailia, and all over the United States of America. Below, I’m going to list what I believe are the top 10 young dancers on YouTube. Of course this is an opinionated decision, but through these performance videos, you will be able to witness the amazing talent and training that each one of these dancers has been given.

1.) Hannah Bettes

Hannah is a 13 year old dancer form the state of Florida. She has been a top YouTube dancer since the age of nine and has multiple videos on posted on YouTube. Hannah began as a competitive dancer at the age of seven but has recently shifted her focus to ballet. She began participating in the Youth Grand Prix (YGP), a huge and well-known ballet competition for young ballerinas around the world, and received a scholarship to the School of American Ballet’s Summer Intensive. Hannah is currently receiving her training at Patel Conservatory and wishes to one day join the New York City Ballet.

    2.) Paulina Macias

Paulina is a 10 year old dancer from the Dance Zone in Concord, Canada. Paulina is an extremely talented performer with technique and strength that has been amazing the YouTube audiences for the past three years. Her training includes ballet, acrobatics, lyrical, jazz, tap, and contemporary.

    3.) Dena’h Gregory

Dena’h is a young and very talented dancer that is recognized around the world for her amazing technique and quality of movement. She began her training in the competitive program at Dance Xcel found in Olathe, Kansas. At the age of ten, Dena’h left her childhood dance studio and moved to Michigan to train under the well known choreographer, Tokyo, at Steps Dance Academy. Since then Dena’h has traveled around the world assisting Tokyo and performing at national dance conventions. With all of the connections this young star has made, it is obvious that she has a very bright future ahead of her.

    4.) Simrin Player

Is a young hip hop star that is making a huge name for herself in the entertainment industry. She has received the honors of dancing in Step Up 3D, Justin Bieber’s music video “Somebody to Love”, Shakira’s music video “This Time for Africa”, Nick Jr.’s “The Fresh Beat Band”, Selena Gomez’s music video “I’m Gonna Arrive”, the MTV Music Awards, and the Vh1 Hip Hop Honors Award Show. Simi, as she likes to be called, began her training at Initial Existence At Master Ballet Company in Arizona. Since then, she has traveled around the country receiving various training in the genres of hip hop, ballet, jazz, lyrcial, and contemporary.

    5.) Christina Ricucci

Christina is another young star that is not only making a name for herself in the competitive dance world, but also in the world of ballet. She began her training at Murrieta Dance Project in Murrieta, California at the age of eight and has been there ever since. At this well known studio, Christina has been given many opportunities to perform various solos and dance with some of top young stars in the competitive dance world. Not only is Christina recognized as one of the top competitive dancers in the state of California, but her recent success in the Youth Grand Prix (YGP) has also established her as one of the top young ballerinas in the United States of America. Christina’s ultimate goal is be a part of the entertainment industry, and she continues to work for this goal by participating in dance, acting in plays, and competing in vocal competitions.

    6.) Kaitlyn Conley

Kaitlyn is a dancer that is easily recognized across the United States of America. While she may not be as young as these other stars, Kaitlyn, at the age of 18, is the “one to beat” in the senior division. She has received numerous titles including the title of Female Senior VIP winner at JUMP’s National Convention and is expected to be seen on “So You Think You Can Dance” in the very near future. Kaitlyn been training at Initial Existence At Master Ballet Company in Arizona since the age of 14. With this training, Kaitlyn has been easily recognized for having the best strength, control, and quality movements in her age division.

    7.) Brianna Haire

Brianna is another young dancer from Murrieta Dance Project in Murrieta, California. Since the age of seven, Brianna has been seen as a YoutTube star and continues to amaze audiences with her strength and skill level. She has won numerous first overall titles at state and national competitions and raises the bar during every performance. It has been said that Brianna Haire is definitely a name to watch for in the dance industry.

    8.) Alexa Anderson

Alexa is a teen dancer that trains at Initial Existence At Master Ballet Company in Arizona. Over the past few years, Alexa and her amazing dancing style have become much more recognized throughout the dance community. She has received numerous honors at various dance competitions and conventions and was recently named the Cover Model Search winner of Dance Spirit Magazine. Alexa is another young star that is expected to hit the “So You Think You Can Dance” stage in the near future.

    9.) Hayden Hopkins

Hayden is a young YouTube star that trains at Allegro Performing Arts Academy in Kent, Washington. Hayden is one of the few young dancers that choreographs her own routines. Because of this, Hayden is not only an amazing young performer, but she is also an up-and-coming choreographer.

    10.) Stephanie Gonzalez

Stephanie is a 13 year old dancer from Dancer’s Edge in California. Her technique and dance maturity sets her apart form other dancers within her age division. She is well known for her flexibility, extensions, quality of movement, and emotional execution.


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