Perceptions of the Millennial Generation

Millennial Generation Project

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The Millennial Generation

Perception: The Millennial Generation is much more liberal

than previous generations.

The Millennial Generation was not something I had even heard of until this assignment was given. I have heard references to the Baby Boomers and Generation X, but discovering that I, myself, was part of a unique generation was both informative and enlightening. I enjoyed learning about the different ways the generations had developed and how each development affected the generation’s known qualities and characteristics in the work place. It was also interesting to see the breakdown of my own generation’s characteristics and what scholars believed society would be like when the Millennial Generation is put in charge.

When learning about the different characteristics that define my generation, it was very interesting to see how large of an influence technology has had on us. Because we have been exposed to televisions, computers, video games, cell phones, MP3 players, and other electronics for most of our lives, we are not only much more tech savvy that the previous generations; we also seem to have shorter attentions spans and the need to have something entertaining us 24/7. I, myself, can attest to this fact, for when I’m bored in lecture, sitting in the doctors office, or even riding as a passenger in the car, I feel a strong urge to pull our my MP3 player or cell phone and entertain myself. While I see this quality as being more of a hindrance that beneficial, many of the articles I read claimed that it could actually be a good thing for our generation. They believe that this form of entertainment has opened up new doors for teaching by allowing people to retain information through media. Movies, music, computer games, and the internet are now often used to teach lessons and present new ideas to students of the Millennial Generation and those in the following generations. The articles also claimed that our strong interaction with technology has allowed us to practice multi-tasking and learn information at a much quicker pace. They believe that this form of training could help future generations to obtain a stronger and more in-depth education.

All of this information fascinated me, for I truly believed our obsession with the media would have more of a negative affect on us. As a generation, we spend much less time reading and obtaining useful knowledge than previous generations, and instead, we focus our spare time on television, video games, and the computer. I also question the supposed benefits of quick learning, for when children quickly memorize something, they often forget the information they were supposed to learn. I believe that this can also be attributed to our obsession with media, for through the computer and television, we often gain useless information that we immediately discard when it is no longer needed. By teaching our brains to discard information that is not currently being used, we are stopping ourselves from retaining half of the information we should throughout our educations.

I also find it funny that while I am debating the positive and negative affects of an abundance of technology and media in the Millennial Generation, I am working on this project and using media to present it. As a student, I can definitely say that it is much more interesting and less stressful to present a project through a powerPoint than through a paper. I know than I have come across many parents and teachers that would strongly disagree with my statement, but being a part of the Millennial Generation, it is something that I have grown up with and, therefore, am accustomed to. Having the ability to be creative in your presentation, show pictures, and add in videos makes the project more fun and interesting. The only regret that I have is that I do not have Microsoft PowerPoint. Because of this, presenting my project becomes much more difficult. While I do have a program similar to Microsoft Word (called OpenOffice) that creates PowerPoints and other presentations well, sending it to another person tends to become a huge problem. Because they do not have the same program I do, the presentation they open will often have funny formatting and be very difficult to decipher. The only solution I have is to turn my PowerPoint into a PDF file; however, while this does a good job at maintaing the format of my initial presentation, it does not present it in the form of a powerPoint and much of the creativity initially put into the presentation is lost.

Learning about the Millennial Generation has been very enlightening. It showed me why many people in my generation work the way they do and gives me some insight into what the future may hold. I’m very interested to see how the rapid advancements in technology will have on future generations, for if our generation was that defined by it, I can only imagine what it may do for them. Hopefully, the affects will be highly beneficial and create a world much better than ours.


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